Hawk Sight Security  provides higher standards and customized security programs to meet the needs of our clients using a proactive as oppose to a reactive approach to our security practices.

Our staff is composed of experienced security and military professionals to meet the needs of our clients. Our combined experience comes from major retail chains, commercial and luxury residential buildings. In addition we provide a spectrum of   security services to meet the changing  needs of clients, by combining our diverse skills and experience we are able to serve a varied clientele that demands above average security and customer service. We are committed to always enhance the value, safety and marketability of the property or event that we have been entrusted to protect.

Our continuous  commitment to provide the best trained security and customer service security professionals is what differentiates Hawk Sight Security  from other security companies. We take a strategic approach to People, Training  and Management,  to provide our clients with results and the best trained staff.

All of our hires are put through a vigorous screening and training process to meet our vision and mission.  Do not waste your money and be fooled by other companies claiming just because they  have public security experience they will provide results. Private and public security are totally different and require experienced staff in that specific field to provide noticeable results for your business. The continuous training provided to our officers allows them to see through the barriers and to immediately recognize red flags. We provide  pin-pointed problem resolutions to our clients, as opposed to just having a body at your business pretending to be a deterrent.


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LICENSE #119.001482

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